Why is JetBlue’s credit card so good?

IHG credit card is rated 4.2 out of 5 by 18 , according to credit card provider CreditCards.com, with an average balance of $10,093.

The credit card was last updated on September 23, 2018.

JetBlue is not the first major American airline to offer a credit card that has been so well-rated.

Jet Airways has a credit and debit card that is rated 2.8 out of 10, according to CreditCages.com. 

But in an article on the airline’s website, JetBlue said that “the card is designed specifically for frequent flyer miles, allowing for more flexibility with rewards points, rewards miles, and loyalty points, as well as frequent check ins and expedited checks.” 

JetBlue said it has “always been the leading credit card issuer in the United States and in the world” and “has the most comprehensive rewards program in the industry.” 

IHG is a subsidiary of U.S. Bank, which is part of Chase Corp. The U.K. bank is a Chase rival. 

According to CreditCardRatings.com , IHGs average balance is about $4,400, with credit card balances averaging about $3,700. 

Jetblue has a $15 million purchase limit, so a $1,000 bonus on a $20,000 credit card would be worth about $2,400. 

I have to say, this is one of the most compelling credit cards that I have ever read.

It is not a good one, but it is a solid card for the money. 

In the U.k., JetBlue does not offer an annual fee or annual fee-matching, and it has a bonus rate of 3% on purchases, up from 2%. 

In contrast, Chase has annual fee matching, which allows customers to pay more for a particular card when they use the same number of points on different cards. 

While IHGS card offers higher rewards than most credit cards, it does have some fees. 

As of June 2018, the $1.9 million IHg credit cards offer can be split into 10 categories of rewards, which are tied to categories of spending, spending on purchases with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2.5 million, according the American Bankers Association. 

The IHgs rewards range is: $100 points for using the card at least once within the past 30 days for purchases of $50 or more, $300 points for spending $1 million or more on purchases and up to $500 for spending over $2 million, and $1 points for checking out a Chase or American Express gift card with a $10 minimum balance and up for checking in a Chase credit card. 

All the categories are tied with some minimum spending requirements, including no monthly fees.

 JetBands, JetBudget, JetDirect, JetOne, JetVisa, JetPens and JetPass are other brands JetBlue offers, which offer lower rewards, but not as much as IHGCs. 

There are other major American airlines that do not offer credit cards like Delta and American Airlines. 

 Jet’s loyalty program has been around for a while, and has also been a popular feature among some travelers.

Jet said that the loyalty program rewards cards are: $25 off purchases on Delta.com for first-time cardholders, and JetDirect for first time cardholders and Delta members. 

$25 off flights on American Airlines, and up-front travel for all members, with no minimum spending. 

“It is the best way to earn rewards on JetBlue, with rewards from the rewards programs like Delta, American Airlines and American Express, as JetBands rewards are tied directly to the category of spending,” JetBlue spokeswoman Kristina Korn told Business Insider. 

What do you think? Read more I will be making my first purchase with the IHGV card on Tuesday, September 24th. 

Are you looking forward to checking out JetBlue?

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