How to shop for an IHG credit card with zero fees

There are some benefits to the new, no-fee cards.

IHGs credit cards offer an easy way to get the best rate for shopping and credit cards that are usually more expensive, such as Chase Ultimate Rewards.

But they also come with a few perks.

Here are a few to consider.


No monthly fee.

When you sign up for an online account, you’ll get a free credit report, which can help you find better deals.

I haven’t yet found a card with a zero-fee, no monthly fee card, but it’s a big deal if you’re looking to save.


No annual fee.

Credit cards typically have annual fees.

But IHGEs offers no annual fees and doesn’t have to pay them if you do not use the card regularly.

I also like the fact that the card offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


No foreign transaction fees.

You may think these fees are outrageous, but IHGS does not charge a foreign transaction fee.

Instead, the company charges you a flat 10% on any transaction, regardless of the source of the transaction.

That means you pay no fees on purchases you make outside the United States.

If you’re considering a no-foreign-transaction card, consider that IHGA charges a 3% fee for any foreign transaction, not including the credit card company’s fee.


No chargebacks.

You’re free to switch from an existing credit card or no-cost card to a IHGI credit card.

The card offers no fees and a free 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so you can cancel your IHGO without penalty.


No fees for new customers.

The IHGF card is not a traditional credit card that requires a monthly fee to use.

That said, IHGC cards are more convenient for new people.

For example, you don’t have a monthly account fee, and you can transfer funds quickly and easily with a simple tap.

Plus, you can save on monthly fees with a no annual fee card.


No credit monitoring.

I HGEs is not tied to credit reporting companies.

Instead of checking your credit score, I have a partner who checks your credit history for free.

That way, you know if your credit is too low.

If it is, you won’t pay for it, but the IHGB card offers $0 annual fees for checking and credit history, as well as free credit monitoring for up to two years.


No late fees.

The no-fees IHGH card offers free monthly service, and there are no late fees or annual fees if you pay within 30 days.


No minimum balance.

The credit card you apply for doesn’t actually have to have a minimum balance, so if you don�t have enough money, you will be charged less than the regular rate.

If that�s a big surprise to you, check out my guide on how to get a better credit score.


No interest charges.

Interest is not charged on the IHEG credit cards.

So you won�t pay interest if you withdraw more than you owe.

You can pay interest on a few other types of credit cards, but these cards offer a higher rate, including a 30% rate on your first $2,000 of purchases.

You could also apply for a no interest credit card and then add a few more items to your credit card statement to get an even higher interest rate.


No hidden fees.

For the most part, you do pay nothing on these credit cards for the first year.

But if you get a lot of money, the IGHG card offers 10% off for the life of the card.

And if you have a high credit score (a score of 680 or higher), you can get an additional 20% off.


No upfront payment.

Some people might be tempted to apply for an introductory card because they don’t want to wait until they have a card.

But a card that has a no upfront payment requirement could save you a lot on the upfront fees.


No cashback.

While you can use the IHOG credit-card with cashback, the card will offer a 0% cashback offer.

So if you make a few purchases and save a few bucks, you get that 0% bonus.

I don’t know if this is a dealbreaker for some, but if you need to use cash back, you should apply for the no-cashback card.


No high interest rates.

Most cards offer high interest rate cards, so IHGL cards are a bit more expensive.

I’m not a big fan of credit card issuers charging a 0.75% introductory rate or a 0%.

IHGWs offers a low 0.25% introductory, and

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