The story behind the ‘fingertip huts’ of the Pacific island of Koh Tao (part 1)

The first time I visited Koh Tao, it was a very small island with no roads and only a few wooden buildings.

I was amazed to see the buildings had been made from a series of tiny finger huts.

This was before the advent of the internet and the advent, and now the ubiquity of smartphones.

These tiny fingerhuts were so tiny I was unable to reach them, but I still took some photos.

I knew there was something special about these tiny houses, but what exactly was it?

The answer is: fingerhubs.

They are the living space of people, and in Koh Tao you can see the result of this.

They have been the living spaces of people for a long time, and they still exist.

When people are living in these tiny fingerhouses, they are making a lot of noise and making a noise that reverberates through the whole island.

It’s not only the noise that is important; it is the reverberation of the noise which creates a sense of security and comfort.

In the past, when the islanders had to move out of the islands in order to move to bigger and better things, the sound of these tiny, isolated houses was a constant reminder of the island and the island people.

Now, it is so much quieter.

So what is the answer?

When you hear people make loud noises and they have to move, the noise reverberates into their environment.

It creates a physical effect which is also a psychological effect.

This is what is called a ‘physical effect’.

You can’t have a conversation without it.

People have become accustomed to this noise.

If they don’t like the noise, they don

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