The 10 Most Iconic Credit Cards in History

Credit card offers, including the ones you can now use to buy anything from beauty products to books, have come a long way over the past couple of decades.

But a recent survey suggests that some of the more memorable ones have become less appealing in the years since they first launched.

The 10 most popular credit card rewards programs today were released by credit card retailer Kmart, and the data was compiled by research firm Experian.

Kmart’s survey also looked at the percentage of Americans that have used a credit card in the past year.

It found that in 2017, roughly 18% of Americans said they had used their credit card at least once in the last year.

The top 10 credit cards that had the most Americans using them at least three times in 2017 were: Advantage Personal Card: 14.4% of American households.

Citi Credit Card: 11.8% of households. 

Amex American Express Card: 10.3% of families.

American Express Travel Rewards Visa Signature: 9.7% of all households.

The top 10 most expensive credit cards were:1.

MasterCard American Express Preferred: $1,8372.

Barclaycard American Express Premier Credit Card ($2,872)3.

Visa Signature® Business Card: $3,633.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card (2,500 points): $3-5,700.

American Express Platinum Credit Card with 2.5% APR: $5,064.

Chase Freedom Unlimited® Credit Card, MasterCard Platinum Signature Credit Card and American Express Business Preferred credit cards: $11,200.

The average APR on American Express’ American Express Prestige card was 0.25%.

The top card on the list is a 2.7-percent annual fee-free card, which gives you an annual fee of 0.75% plus $75 per statement cycle.

The Chase Freedom cards are more expensive than the average American Express card, and they charge more interest than a 1.25% annual fee card.


Chase Premier Rewards Visa® Card: 16.6% of the U.S. population3.

Chase Gold Preferred® Card, 1.5-year rewards: 12.5%-15.5%.3.

Delta Platinum Premier Credit Credit Card4.

Amex American Executive Credit Card5.

American Airlines Ink Preferred credit card: 11% of U.s. households6.

American Eagle® Preferred Credit card: 10% of household.

The survey said that the top 5% of credit card holders earn about a third of their income from their cards, and that the average APR for American Express cards is 0.9%.

It also said that Americans are more likely to spend on credit cards than other major categories of consumer spending, which makes it the top financial category for many Americans.

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