How to use prepaid credit cards to pay for travel

New rules for travel will allow people to take a prepaid creditcard as payment for travel and pay the balance on it at a post office.

Key points:Travelers who travel overseas will need to apply for a travel creditcard, which can be used for overseas purchases, for up to a yearThe amount of travel credit you can use will depend on the type of tripYou’ll need to show the post office your passport or travel documents and show proof of your address and employment status when you sign up.

Your credit card will be able to charge you at a fixed rate of 6 per cent of the value of the trip.

It will not be able the charge more than a maximum of $2,500 for a trip.

Travelers with a credit card with a variable interest rate of 4 per cent will be allowed to take up to $3,000 per trip.

Passengers travelling with a valid travelcard can use the card for up $2.50 per trip in the post.

Passenger travel on a postcard is free, while travel to Australia and the US will cost $25, a small increase from the $50 the current rate is charged.

For the first six months, the travel card is valid for only a year.

Passport holders, visa holders and those over 65 will need a travel card for their own travel.

You can only use one credit card for travel within Australia.

If you’re on a first-time traveller card, it can be charged to your account from the day you arrive.

You can also choose to pay the bill using a bank card, the Post Office says.

If you travel overseas and you have a creditcard with variable interest rates, the card will need an annual licence to be used.

If a post is busy, the post will need the traveller’s passport or other identification documents to be shown.

In Australia, the maximum interest rate a card can charge is 5 per cent.

Passport-holders will be required to show their passport and other identification to prove their identity.

Passports are not accepted at the post if you’re travelling on a commercial flight.

Passage holders can apply for an online card if they’re over 60 years old, are not married, or have an age limit of 65 years or older.

Those who need an Australian passport for their child can also apply for the Australian Passport Application Scheme.

If your passport is in Australia, it will need your name, address and contact details.

You will need proof of age if you are not over 60.

A post office will ask you to show ID for verification purposes.

You must pay the full amount on your prepaid card within 10 days of your departure.

Payments made online or by mail are non-refundable.

The post office does not need to be able give you a passport for the trip to be valid, but it will check that the information you provide is correct.

You may not be entitled to a refund of a prepaid card if the post does not meet the requirements of the cardholder agreement.

For more information, visit the Department of Finance website.

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