Why you should upgrade to an iPhone 7 Plus over an iPhone 6S

When you want to upgrade your iPhone, Apple is offering you a few perks.

First, you can use your iPhone to do stuff like watch videos, read emails, or use apps from Apple.

Second, if you’re an Apple employee, you get free unlimited iPhone upgrade on an annual basis.

However, if there’s one perk Apple is overlooking for the iPhone 7, it’s that Apple’s offering you an iPhone 8 Plus to get you started.

You can upgrade your Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus with Apple’s new iPhone upgrade plan, starting at $699, or you can purchase the iPhone 8 plus for $749, for a total of $1,149.

Both iPhone 8 models are coming out in October.

Apple has also updated the iPhone’s software to make it easier to upgrade, as well as adding new features.

Read more about iPhone 7: What’s new with the iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone upgrade plans are still a relatively new concept, but there’s been some success with the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s.

In November, we gave the iPhone 5s a score of 9.5 out of 10, and we rated it an excellent iPhone.

That’s because it did everything we wanted from a mobile phone: a great camera, an excellent screen, a decent processor, and a solid camera.

It’s also a great phone if you don’t mind paying a little more money to upgrade.

If you’re a regular user of Apple products, you might want to reconsider upgrading to the iPhone, especially if you’ve already paid for the phone in full, but for those of us who haven’t bought a new iPhone in a while, the new iPhones are definitely worth considering.

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