What to do if your credit card is denied for online gambling

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a warning to retailers that they may face lawsuits if they do not block online gambling sites from being used in online gambling.

The agency has said that a “full range of fraudulent activity” is being conducted on the gaming sites, including “voter fraud, money laundering, and other criminal activity.” 

The FTC’s statement came in response to a complaint filed last week by the consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, which accused casinos of using the sites to conduct illegal and unethical online gambling activity. 

In the complaint, Consumer Watchdogs argues that the sites were being used by the same people, which violates federal laws against “unfair competition.”

The FTC’s complaint said that online gambling is being “hijacked” by gamblers who use the sites for illegal purposes.

The site is a way for gamblers to gamble, but instead of a traditional slot machine, it’s a virtual slot machine where they have to click a button to place a bet.

The sites are also used for “large-scale online gambling that is inherently deceptive, misleading, and manipulative,” the FTC said. 

The companies that host the sites have long complained about the lack of enforcement of federal gambling laws.

Last year, the company that owns the sites, VegasBet, was sued by the FTC for allegedly using the websites to defraud customers.

That suit was dismissed, and the company is currently appealing the ruling. 

Consumer Watchdogs, which filed the complaint in June, said that the gambling sites were “operating in a grey area of conduct that does not fall within the definition of gambling as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.”

The agency also said that they were also being used “to commit fraud” because of “poorly defined customer service standards and an inability to properly identify the fraud.” 

In an effort to stop the illegal gambling, the FTC has launched a program known as the Federal Wiretap Initiative, or the FWI.

The program has been in place since January.

The FTC is also taking other steps to stop online gambling, including issuing subpoenas and other legal action.

The commission has also sued the operators of two other online gambling platforms, GamblingHub and XGamers, which have allegedly been using the services of those sites to “purchase and sell illegal gambling devices.” 

According to the FTC, GiftingHub and Gamers have “committed multiple violations” of the FFI, including a scheme in which customers were given credit cards that could be used to buy and sell devices that were later used in other online games. 

While Gifting and Gamesto have yet to be charged, they are being sued for allegedly defrauding customers by using credit cards with the intent of buying and selling illegal gambling products.

In December, GGamers agreed to pay a $50 million settlement to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over allegations of fraud. 

“The Commission’s efforts to prosecute these businesses have been effective, but the industry is still far from eradicating illegal gambling,” the commission said in a statement. 

GamblingHub is currently the only online gambling platform that has yet to come under the FTC’s scrutiny.

The company was also accused of running a website that “used a website address that resembled a website for gambling,” according to the report. 

According the FTC filing, GGG, which has been the target of several lawsuits over the past several years, was not the only company that was “using” online gambling as a way to make money.

Gamblers also “have been lured into paying for gambling devices with credit cards they did not authorize, through websites that advertise their ability to purchase and sell these devices,” the agency said.

The companies that operate online gambling have been trying to avoid the scrutiny of the FTC by keeping their business operations separate from gambling itself.

But the company’s online gambling operations have been shut down by regulators. 

Earlier this month, regulators closed a multi-billion dollar online gambling company, Blackjack, after determining that the company had “systemic and ongoing problems” with customer service and “systematic and ongoing fraud.”

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