The barclay card from the MTV Video Music Awards

The barcode for a credit card can tell a lot about a consumer’s credit history, but that can be misleading if a card has been used in a different way than its label says.

Barclay says its new card is the first of its kind, but some cardholders may not be happy about its new features.

The new credit card features include a barcode reader that scans credit card information, and it can also detect changes in the credit limit that could be used to change your card’s value.

“Barclays Credit Card offers consumers a range of credit cards, but it has a new barcode scanner and can detect changes to the value of their credit card over time,” the credit card company said in a statement.

“This means you can expect your credit limit to increase, or decrease depending on your card, at any time.

For example, if your credit card limit has increased and your limit has decreased, your card may not automatically receive the full amount of your limit increase.

If you receive a card with a higher limit increase, you’ll see a message on your account alerting you to the change.”

The card’s new features also let consumers view the cardholder’s credit limit and balance, and they can set limits based on a consumer credit score.

Barclary said that cardholders can also create a custom card with the same name as their account, and Barclay said this feature will also be available on its new credit cards.

A few other cardholders complained that the barcode scan could make it difficult for them to use their credit cards if they have a history of using the card incorrectly.

“If your card was used in the past to fraudulently make unauthorized purchases or otherwise violate the terms of your credit agreement, then this new bar code scanner will help you understand what you can do to protect yourself and your credit,” the company said.

Many consumers were also concerned about the security features of the card, especially since it would be a common method of obtaining credit card numbers.

VH1 asked consumers to email Barclays with their credit score information, but the company was not able to provide the information.

The company also did not provide a way to access your credit history through the bar code reader.

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