How to pay for an ancient artifact with a new credit card

Credit card holders in Israel have had a few years to prepare for a new payment option.

The latest offering is the ga’avim credit card.

It is the world’s first electronic payment card, but it does not charge a fee.

The card has the added benefit of being compatible with all major payment cards.

The card’s launch comes at a time when credit card issuers are increasingly looking at the Israeli economy as a potential new source of growth.

A new card with an e-pay option is a step in the right direction.

Israel is looking for ways to boost its economy as well as cut its reliance on oil imports, which are a major source of foreign currency.

The country’s economy is expected to shrink by 7.8 percent this year, and exports will also shrink by about 9 percent.

A strong economic recovery is in the cards’ sights, and the ga’tavim is the first product to offer a viable alternative.

In Israel, the ga’mavim card is currently available for use only in public places and at cash machines.

It is available for purchase in a variety of retailers, including supermarkets and drug stores, but the cards are not sold at most banks.

A new payment card is not necessarily a bad thing for the government.

It allows people to get their money out of the banking system and to buy food or other goods that they would otherwise have to wait a day or two to buy.

However, some people are concerned that the card could increase prices and affect consumer behavior.

The Ga’mavam credit card is the result of years of research and research.

The first product introduced by the Israeli startup was a smartphone app called Avot.

Its success was a major step forward for the country, but not everyone was thrilled about it.

The app, which was a free download from the app store, was seen as too much of a novelty, and its users were not happy with the card’s price tag.

Its main drawback was that the app only offered a maximum of five transactions a day.

The developers of Avot, however, had some good news for those who were disappointed.

After Avot’s launch, they were able to raise money from investors including the Israel Investment Fund, Israel’s sovereign wealth fund and the government itself.

The developers hope to continue to work on the app, but they also have plans to expand the product to include a debit card and other payment options.

Avot was originally developed for use by the military and other organizations, but over time it has become popular among Israelis who work in the financial and retail industries.

It was also a popular product for many people who are currently in school.

The mobile app is now available on Android and Apple platforms.

According to Aviv University Professor and Finance expert Moshe Shapira, who helped develop the card, Avot was the first card to use the Blockchain technology.

The idea is to ensure that every transaction is recorded, and all the information is accessible for the users.

The company also introduced a number of new features, including the ability to pay with an offline QR code, a new card that allows for the payment of fees, and an automatic payment processing service that can process payments in under 10 minutes.

Avots developers also introduced an app for merchants that allows them to list their products with the user and link to the store of the customer’s choice.

The Ga’mazim card was introduced by a group of entrepreneurs who came together in 2012 to launch Avot on the Internet.

Avot became a major success and was later purchased by the Israel government, and now it is the only credit card in the country.

The startup, which is owned by Israeli entrepreneur Avigdor Lieberman, has been using the new credit cards to buy items like toys and other goods.

However the card is now widely available in the online shopping malls of Israel.

The new credit, issued by the Ga’avam company, will be available at ATMs and banks in the coming weeks, and in the near future it will also be offered to businesses.

The startup has already received several applications from businesses to accept the credit card through the e-commerce market.

Currently, the credit cards are only available for Israel’s private sector and government-owned businesses.

But there are plans to extend the card to other areas, such as hospitals, public utilities, schools, hospitals and government buildings.

The credit card will be valid for 10 years.

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