Why Samsung wants to replace your bank card reader

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone is a big step forward for the mobile industry.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have made it easier to use your credit and debit cards, and Samsung is taking that technology to the next level with the Galaxy S9, which it’s calling “the Galaxy Note 9.”

This year, Samsung is adding an NFC reader to the S9 so you can swipe your credit card into it and send money, and it’s expanding its NFC payment options with a new Samsung Pay-like feature called Samsung Pay that works with Samsung’s other credit and Samsung Pay compatible phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The company also is launching a new mobile payments platform called Galaxy Pay in the coming months.

We’ve been in contact with Samsung about the S10, which will also feature Samsung Pay.

We wanted to give you a sneak peek at the S20, which is a bigger, more powerful phone with NFC and Samsung’s own payment solution.

Samsung’s phones, of course, have been one of the best ways to pay for things, but they’ve struggled to make a mark for themselves in the market.

They haven’t even managed to beat Apple’s iPhone 6s in terms of volume sales yet.

Samsung has been working hard to build a device that can compete with Apple’s devices and is looking to make some of the big names in the industry a little more comfortable with the new Galaxy Note 10, which they’re calling the Galaxy Note S. It’s a big change for Samsung, which had struggled to gain traction in the smartphone market in the past.

Samsung will continue to offer its premium Galaxy smartphones with the S series until the end of 2019, but there’s no telling when that may change.

As we mentioned earlier, Samsung’s Galaxy S series has a few key features that differentiate it from its peers.

The first of these is a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.

The sensor has a sensor that can scan a fingerprint and use that to unlock the phone, so if you have a good fingerprint scanner and you don’t like having your fingerprint taken, you can take it off.

The fingerprint sensor works on the top and bottom of the back, so it’s a fingerprint reader that is actually a very good one.

Samsung is using a 3-D sensor for its sensors on the phone to better identify you.

You can even see your fingerprint on the display.

And there’s a small button on the front of the device that lets you adjust the color of the fingerprint reader, making it easier for people with different skin tones to pick up your fingerprint.

You’ll be able to choose between six colors and the sensor will tell you how good of a match your fingerprint is.

The device also has a fingerprint scanner on the bottom of its back, which you can use to unlock.

The next feature that makes Samsung’s S10 even better is the new “Dock” button on top of the home screen.

The Dock button lets you launch apps from anywhere on the screen and it has a lot of ways to do it, including launching apps with the screen on your lap, tapping on the Dock button, or moving your hand across the screen.

We’ll cover more on how Dock works in a moment.

Samsung also introduced a new fingerprint scanner that’s much more accurate than the S8 and S9’s.

It takes a photo of your fingerprint and stores it on the device’s internal memory.

That data is then sent to Samsung for analysis.

You don’t have to worry about it being lost if you forget where you left your phone.

And with a fingerprint, Samsung will also have a way to sync your fingerprint with your phone’s iCloud account.

We will be able transfer your fingerprint data to iCloud when the device is in a new storage mode, and this is where the Samsung Pay feature will come in.

Samsung Pay is available in Samsung Pay only with Samsung devices that come with an Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

Other features included with the Samsung S10 include the ability to use a fingerprint that is stored on the home button or the edge of the screen, as well as the ability for users to sync their fingerprint data with their account.

And, of all the Samsung phones that launch in 2019, the S50 will come with the most exciting features for its time.

It will be the first phone to feature an NFC-enabled fingerprint reader and NFC payments for the first time.

That means you can tap a card on your S50, and your phone will immediately recognize that it’s in your wallet.

The Samsung S50’s fingerprint reader is a tiny one and works by scanning your fingerprint into the device itself, so you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode.

This is great because it lets you keep your card safe, and the device doesn’t have a lock screen feature.

This means the S30 and S40 have NFC in them, which means you’ll have to unlock your S30 with a physical button

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